31 Dec 2015

Belgian Christmas (14. - 30.12.)

I know I didn't write a lot the psat weeks, but there were no coments and there was so much happening in my life that I just prefered to tell you everything later, and later... and later. And than it was too late so I didn't want to write anything at all... But I'm finally here to wrap up my 2015 experience in Belgium so repare yourself for a long article with many, many photos. There were many days during the holidays when I just relaxed, blogged, read or went on a walk and there's nothing interesting to write about (well nothing not personal), so I'm just going to talk about the adventures of the Belgian Christmas time! Let's get into it, shall we?

14 Dec 2015

The weeks of exams (30.11. - 13.12.)

Sorry for not posting much recently, but as you can see in the title, I had my exams the last two weeks... As I'm on holiday now, I can post more and I wanted to ask you if you'd like to read anything about my exchange year in general, exchange student problems or any other specific topic. I'd be glad to write a themed article for you guys! But without further redo, let me tell you about my exams!

1 Dec 2015

The week when I accidentally got a solo (23. - 29.11.)

This week were the last days of regular school this year - the next week are the exams and after that there is holidays untill January. But even though there is always something to tell about the week, this time I'm joust going to explain you how I got a solo... Because it's really typical for exchange students to get things like this.

22 Nov 2015

The weeks when I almost cried two times (9. - 22. 11.)

Play this song while reading, you'll love it!

There was not much happenning the past two weeks I wanted to share on this blog so this update is not going to be as long as the other ones. So let's already get started, shall we?

14 Nov 2015

The "Toussaints" holiday and my birthday (2. - 8.11.)

This was my busiest week since I came to Belgium. I had a week-long holiday and I was glad that I didn't have much homework to do beacuse I wouldn't be any time to do it anyway. So let's just get started already!

1 Nov 2015

The week with many photos (26.10. - 1.11.)

This week's update will be illustrated with lots of photos because I finally took my camera out of the case and started using it as I wanted before. During the week there was nothing interesting happening except school, but I guess that's not a thing I need to talk about every week, but it all started on Friday. That's the day I did a little autumn photoshoot with my Brazilian friend. Why so suddenly? Simply because the autumn colours are perfection - admit it! I also got a cup of hot chocolate (not for the photoshoot, but I used it there) and had a really good time...

26 Oct 2015

The week with 24h vélo (19. - 25.10.)

This week was full of good and bad surprises, good and bad weather, good and bad mood - everything was really contrasting and special. But the most interesting things happened during the 24h vélo.

20 Oct 2015

The week with the "Follow Up" seminar (12. - 18.10.)

Autumn is here and I'm enjoying all the colours while not enjoying all the homework and tests that start to be more and more common...

11 Oct 2015

The week when I ate a cricket (5. - 11.10.)

If the title of this article scared you a bit, please, stay tuned for an explanation and don't freak out. I will defend myself, don't worry. But let's leave the best for the end and let's start with the beginning, aka Monday. 

4 Oct 2015

The ill and artistic week (28.9. - 4.10.)


This week everything went another direction than I expected... I didn't go to school untill Thursday because I was ill and even now I have cold. So on Wednesday I visited a Belgian doctor for the first time - what a wonderful way to explore another country, isn't it? Anyway as I already said on Thursday and Frieday I went to school so it wasn't that bad in the end...

27 Sep 2015

The week with Walibi (21. - 27.9.)

This week was not as bad as the previous ones when you consider the amount of homework, but it was extremely exhausting anyways because speaking a different language all the time is definitely not easy! There was a bad grade from Maths but no other catastrophes. And on Thursday I got a package from my parents from the Czech republic with many things I wanted and needed which was really nice. However the highlight of this week was Walibi - an entertainment park we visited yesterday with other YFU students and their friends or families. You can see some pictures in the full article!

20 Sep 2015

The week with scouts (14. - 20.9.)

I'm here again with my weekly summary. A lot happened again and I don't even know where to start... I remember now I forgot to mention something in my last week's summary: on Friday we took photos of each class and our class also made a crazy one, so I put it here. I was added to the class Facebook group too and I feel more like a part of the collective now. So let's hope it stays!

13 Sep 2015

The week with april weather and shopping (5.9. - 13.9.)

If you want to be happy for one hour, drink a glass.
If you want to be happy for one day, get married.
If you want to be happy for all of your life, start gardening.

My French is getting better every day and every minute since I arrived to my new host family's house. The school also helps, but the learning there is more passive than when I try to explain something to my host family or their friends. I feel like I've lived here for months now because I have experienced so many things and tried so much new food and basically everything has changed. But yesterday it was just three weeks since I arrived in Belgium. Well, let's get to what actually happened this week!

11 Sep 2015

The Mishmash TAG

I was tagged by the lovely Iris to do the Mishmash TAG and I decided to put it on this blog because it doesn't really match with the idea of my book blog. Thank you very much for tagging me, Iris, I fell in love wth this idea at the first ime reading it :) As you maybe notice, the TAG was created in the czech language and I translated all the questions, so please don't blame me for any mistakes. So... there you have it, let's go!

4 Sep 2015

The days of changes (31.8. - 4.9.15)

Many things happened since my last post... I returned to Brussels to stay at my arrival family in Brussels. On Monday I visited my friends there and on Tuesday I stayed in the host family's house. But on Tuesday evening I recieved great news! YFU finally found a family that will keep me at least untill November (and then we'll see). I moved on Wednesday, 2nd September. I now live in a city called Louvain-La-Neuve and go to school!

1 Sep 2015

The YFU weekend (27.-30.8.15)

YFU is the organization which organizes my exchange yer - but there's not just me! 31 students came to Belgium this year and we all met at the YFU weekend which is also called Post-Arrival Orientation. Even though it only lasted four days, I felt like it's been a month because I met so many great people and did so many different things!

27 Aug 2015

The beginning (23-26.8.15)

The beginnig in Belgium was really tough but at the same time I realy enjoyed everything. I stayed at the arrival family with Sylvi for this whole time. On Sunday it was raining so we just made a short trip with the car to see some important and known places in Brussels. Let's see some photos!

23 Aug 2015

My first day in Belgium

It all started at 4:30 am - hat's when I had to wake up because the departure of the plane was at 6:55. My mom and dad drove me to the airport and helped me with the luggage. I just had one suitcase, but I also took a bag and (of course) my guitar with me, so it was pretty complicated. Anyway I met the other two czech students who are going to Belgium for a year and we all sucsessfully got into the plane. By the way it was such a cute small one - I've never travelled with one of these before!