26 Oct 2015

The week with 24h vélo (19. - 25.10.)

This week was full of good and bad surprises, good and bad weather, good and bad mood - everything was really contrasting and special. But the most interesting things happened during the 24h vélo.

20 Oct 2015

The week with the "Follow Up" seminar (12. - 18.10.)

Autumn is here and I'm enjoying all the colours while not enjoying all the homework and tests that start to be more and more common...

11 Oct 2015

The week when I ate a cricket (5. - 11.10.)

If the title of this article scared you a bit, please, stay tuned for an explanation and don't freak out. I will defend myself, don't worry. But let's leave the best for the end and let's start with the beginning, aka Monday. 

4 Oct 2015

The ill and artistic week (28.9. - 4.10.)


This week everything went another direction than I expected... I didn't go to school untill Thursday because I was ill and even now I have cold. So on Wednesday I visited a Belgian doctor for the first time - what a wonderful way to explore another country, isn't it? Anyway as I already said on Thursday and Frieday I went to school so it wasn't that bad in the end...