22 Nov 2015

The weeks when I almost cried two times (9. - 22. 11.)

Play this song while reading, you'll love it!

There was not much happenning the past two weeks I wanted to share on this blog so this update is not going to be as long as the other ones. So let's already get started, shall we?

14 Nov 2015

The "Toussaints" holiday and my birthday (2. - 8.11.)

This was my busiest week since I came to Belgium. I had a week-long holiday and I was glad that I didn't have much homework to do beacuse I wouldn't be any time to do it anyway. So let's just get started already!

1 Nov 2015

The week with many photos (26.10. - 1.11.)

This week's update will be illustrated with lots of photos because I finally took my camera out of the case and started using it as I wanted before. During the week there was nothing interesting happening except school, but I guess that's not a thing I need to talk about every week, but it all started on Friday. That's the day I did a little autumn photoshoot with my Brazilian friend. Why so suddenly? Simply because the autumn colours are perfection - admit it! I also got a cup of hot chocolate (not for the photoshoot, but I used it there) and had a really good time...