27 Feb 2016

Paris (6. - 10.2.)

In the beginnign of February I spent a few days in Paris with other exchange students rom YFU and some volunteers. It was the first time in the capital of ranc for me and for many others and it was awesome. I'm going to show you lots of photos here and tell you where we've been, but the most important thing was we were together. And as I already told you many times, exchange studets are those people who understand you without speaking and you just need to know them for a few hours and they become your best friends. So even though Paris is really pretty, I enjoyed my company the best.

14 Feb 2016

How my life is going on... (18.1. - 5.2.)

My life is going on here in the chocolateland... There is not lots of stuff that changes around me, but it's more like everything stays an dI am the one who changes. Anyways today I'm here to share some bits and pieces of my exchange student life before a big event happend so let's get started!

3 Feb 2016

Snow and theatres (11. - 17.1.)

I'm still waiting for the photos, but I decided to post this article now so that I don't forget everything that happened lately. Let's get started!